Pas du Tout is an exclusively Romanian clothing brand. It invariably promotes a certain versatility of its clothing line, a very accurate mathematics of the details, a high quality of the fabrics and a perfect aesthetic aspect that fits effortlessly the international demands. 

Pas du Tout advocates for a blend of design, fashion and state of mind. We like to think that we are able to transform the imagination into drawings and later into perfectly cut pieces of clothing. Pas du Tout was created to explore and we think of it of being more than a fashion house. We actually consider it a design laboratory which functions on the ideas of a PERFECT WORLD, technology, manufacture and artistic subtlety. 

Madalina Dorobantu, the founding designer, created the brand in 2012. At that moment she designed Pas du Tout’s first collection, a collection based on an obvious contrast between forms, volumetric analysis, discrepant fabrics, asymmetric cuts and apparently indefinite details. Dorobantu managed to create a collection based on very original fabrics. 

This first collection had quite a few important attributes that are easily found in the ones that followed in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016: 

  • the modern factor – provided by the volumetric analysis and the edgy design 
  • high quality of our products – best fabrics and textures created exclusively for the brand 
  • visionary design – we take the international trends and transform it in a very original manor 

The Pas du Tout team is a constant and continuous part of the making of our clothing lines. We pay attention to every detail from the very first cut of any of our pieces till the moment the final product is on the shelf. 

The Pas du Tout collections are shown twice every year and the shows themselves are created in order to reflect the concept of each collection.

Pas du Tout relentlessly approaches unique aesthetic angles trying to define structural collections each season.